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How to care for my Nine Twenty Five Sterling Silver Jewelry

925 Sterling Silver should be polished frequently to preserve its bright luster. Each piece of our jewelry is crafted from high-quality materials, including sterling silver (92.5% pure silver), oxidized sterling silver, a 14k rose gold-plated or a 18k gold-plated sterling silver. It is important to follow our care instructions in all our 925 sterling silver jewelry pieces to keep them always clean and bright. So to keep your Jewelry pieces shinning and good-looking every single day, use our FREE individually packed suede fabric cloth design to clean and buff your jewelry pieces to remarkable shine; enhancing the beauty of your jewelry. Our cleaning and polishing cloth is everything you need to clean, shine and protect your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. We offer...

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What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver has become one of the most popular jewelry in the last few years and is one of the brightest metals known today. Silver in its purest form is very soft and therefore not very functional for jewelry. To improve silver's functionality it is mixed with other metals, usually copper. 925 sterling silver comprises of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% copper along with it.     

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